Once on campus, students are supported by a strong network of faculty, staff, mentors and academic advisors. They are encouraged to speak to IAP staff about personal matters, academic challenges, letters of recommendation or anything else they might need. The staff may not have all the answers, but they can direct students to the appropriate resources.



Academic Advising

Academic advisors representing all of the colleges and schools work closely with Incentive Award Scholars. Students are expected to meet with Incentive Awards staff and their advisor to review programs and schedules on a regular basis. This process is designed to assist students with the development of appropriate class schedules by taking into consideration university, college and major requirements, as well as each student’s academic preparation for desired course work.


Incentive Award Scholars are expected to maintain good academic standing at the university and to meet the satisfactory academic progress guidelines as defined by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Having earned their place through a highly selective process, our scholars are expected to perform well, and our staff is committed to helping them succeed.



Financial Advising

Despite the generous scholarship component, Incentive Award Scholars should be prepared to make a financial contribution toward their education. Students will need money for books, school supplies, dorm life essentials, etc. The Office of Student Financial Aid provides advising to scholars who might need assistance with these expenses.

University of Maryland Incentive Awards Program

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