(by the University of Maryland)

Applications are shared with the Incentive Awards selection committee, composed of community and university leaders as well as Incentive Awards staff.

All candidates will be interviewed in the spring when the selection committee will meet to determine recipients.


Announcing Award Recipients

In the spring, all nominees are informed if they are Incentive Award recipients. In the event that a selected recipient does not accept admission, the award will be offered to an alternate student.


Spring and Summer Events for New Recipients

New Incentive Award Scholars, along with their families, guidance counselors and high school principals, will be invited to a spring reception at University House, the president’s residence. In July, a special orientation to the Incentive Awards Program is required for all new scholars and their parents. Students are also expected to participate in a summer transitional program to ease students into university life prior to freshman year.


Students must apply to the University of Maryland by Nov. 1. Students should take the SAT I or ACT exam and send results to the University of Maryland (school code: 5814).

University of Maryland Incentive Awards Program

1103 Cole Student Activities Building  /  College Park, MD 20742