Award Process

Annually, participating high schools each nominate senior students to compete for an Incentive Award. One student from each high school is selected as an Incentive Award Scholar to enroll at the University of Maryland, in the academic area of his or her choice, with all tuition and living expenses paid up to one's financial need.


The selected students benefit from a supportive program of advisors, faculty/staff mentors and special programming while at Maryland. In return, they will give back to their high schools and neighborhoods through peer advising, high school visits, and other outreach programs, with the intention of inspiring young people to similar academic achievement.

Students must apply to the University of Maryland by Nov. 1. Students should take the SAT I or ACT exam and send results to the University of Maryland (school code: 5814).

University of Maryland Incentive Awards Program

1103 Cole Student Activities Building  /  College Park, MD 20742