UMD President Loh with IAP Student

The Incentive Award is granted on the basis of outstanding character, academic commitment, financial need and the ability to prevail against difficult circumstances, among other qualities. The program seeks students with a sense of their potential and belief in their ability to succeed and achieve goals.

  1. Candidates must be graduating seniors from Baltimore City or Prince George’s County public high schools.

  2. Candidates must have taken the SAT I or ACT college entrance exams by October of the senior year.

  3. Candidates must apply to the University of Maryland by November 1 and be admitted.

  4. Candidates must be eligible for the Pell Grant as determined by their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Candidates who cannot demonstrate significant financial need will not be considered.

  5. Additionally, the following qualities will be weighed in determining finalists:
    Personal qualities
    Interest in their home community
    Commitment to academic success
    Effective management of personal obligations
    Appreciation for the values of the program
    Talents and skills