(by the participating high school)

Participating high schools designate one staff member as the Incentive Awards Program coordinator, who will work with students, teachers and counselors in identifying candidates for the award. The staff of the Incentive Awards Program work closely with each high school in providing materials, information and support for the nomination process. A counselor orientation session takes place each fall at the start of the candidate recruiting process.

High schools conduct open competitions to select nominees who meet the criteria for the award. Throughout the fall, schools advertise the scholarship widely and establish the process for reviewing applicants internally. The process differs from school to school, but successful methods usually include establishing a school committee of counselors, teachers and/or administrators to review the pool.

Candidate names and supporting documents are submitted to the Incentive Awards Program office for review. Materials are reviewed by Incentive Awards staff who then determine a list of candidates who can compete for the award.


Students must apply to the University of Maryland by Nov. 1. Students should take the SAT I or ACT exam and send results to the University of Maryland (school code: 5814).

University of Maryland Incentive Awards Program

1103 Cole Student Activities Building  /  College Park, MD 20742